Transformer MAXLED 12V DC 24W 2A IP44

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Transformer MAXLED 12V DC 24W 2A IP44

Transformer MAXLED 12V DC 24W 2A IP44

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Switched power supply for LED (Indoor use)

Suitable for maximum use of 10 to 12 hours a day. Using the product for 24 hours a day will void the warranty.

- EMI filter against electromagnetic interference
-Tested at 100% full load
- Wide range of input voltages
- Stable and accurate output voltage
- Protection against excessive current and voltage
- Short circuit protection
-Low level of permissible residual ripple
- 100% instant lighting

Certification: CE/EMC, RoHS.

Voltage Input: AC 230V Output: DC12v
Power Consumption 150W
Chain 12.5A
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years
dimensions 200 x 62 x 31 mm
Body Metal
Average Useful Life (Hours) 20000
certificates CE, EMC, RoHS.
Protection Class (NP-EN 60529) IP20