Electrical installations

Residential, Service and Industrial Buildings

We have all kinds of services for your electrical installation

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Engineering services

  • Installations inspections/certification
  • Legalization of facilities
  • Requests with operators (works board, change of meter, request for an extension...)
  • Electrical Projects and ITED/ITUR
  • Responsible Technician for Exploitation of Electrical Installations (TREIE) or (TRE)
  • Direction/Monitoring of work
  • PT's maintenance
  • Reports for insurance companies
  • DGEG Documentation
  • And much more...

Electrician Services

  • Led lightning
  • electrical apparatus
  • electrical panels
  • blinds
  • Home automation
  • video intercoms
  • Maintenance of facilities (from domestic to industrial)
  • PT's maintenance
  • Maintenance of photovoltaic installations.
  • And much more...

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geral@movenergy.pt or movenergy.pt@gmail.com

Telephone contact (response time depending on availability at the moment) - 220150143